Located along the roadway near the cafeteria, Parkview has 10 rooms on the upper level, each with one bed and an individual air conditioning unit. Seven rooms have double beds (see picture below); Room 7 has a bunk bed with a double below and twin above; and a queen bed is in each of Rooms 2 and 10. Men’s and Women’s bathrooms are located at the North end of the hall. Each bathroom has 2 toilets, 2 showers and 2 sinks. Bedding and towels are not provided. The cost is $20/room/night.

Parkview room interior

Pets (other than guide and assistance dogs) are not allowed. In addition, each occupant is expected to follow the YCL Rules of Conduct. To view or print a copy of those guidelines click here: YCL RULES OF CONDUCT.

The lower level of Parkview is used for crafts during Youth and Special Camp settings.

For further information or reservations contact Kathy Feltz by phone at (260) 823-1152 or Email at