*Registration BEGINS at 6 pm.  We will not be opening registration up before that, so please don't feel the need to rush.  Also, dinner will NOT be served at camp Sunday evening (we'll load them up with snacks though!) but please make sure you feed them before you arrive. 

*Cell phones and electronic devices are NOT permitted at camp.  Campers need to know that if they bring these they need to surrender them to be locked in the director's office until the conclusion of camp.  Any camper found with a cell phone or other device may be sent home.  

*At check in campers will check-in any medication they have and go through a lice check.  Any camper found with lice will be sent home.  

*This is our first year doing this, but camp will conclude at 6pm THURSDAY with campers being released from the multi-purpose building.  Parents/Guardians will be required to show a picture ID that matches a name listed on their registration form (either as a parent or someone designated to pick them up).  This ensures the safety of our campers.  

*Here is a list of items to pack: 




Bug spray

Sun screen



Bedding (either twin sized bedding or a sleeping bag) and pillow

Clothing that can get gross or dirty.  (Please be sure clothes are modest, not showing any undergarments and that shorts are longer.)

A church-attending type outfit for our banquet Thursday evening

Shoes that can get dirty

Towel, wash cloth & toiletries

Beach towel

Swim Suit (Girls must wear one-piece or a shirt over a two-piece)

Flip flops and cover up for wearing down to the beach area


Bag for wet clothes

Money for extra crafts and for snack bar

*If you'd like to write your campers you may do so.  The address is 

YCL Ministries 

6750 w 900 S

Claypool, IN  46510

or you may email to  Simply put "Camp <camp attending>,<their name> as the subject and we will print it off and deliver to them.

Please do not hesitate to email us at or call with questions.