YCL Ministries is one of many Christian camping and retreat centers in Northern Indiana, but is unique due to the beautiful, natural lake-front setting. It has been a part of the Church of God (Anderson, IN) from its founding in 1897. It was the gathering place for the people in camp meetings as the Church of God formed and has continued into the 21st Century to be a place for Christians to come together to renew and refocus the spiritual life and the work of the church.

Young people are struggling to hear the truth about Christ as they live in a world that separates itself more and more from the Gospel. Pastors and ministry leaders struggle to find a way to get their leadership teams to invest time in prayer-filled planning for effective ministry. Families are in desperate need of safe, wholesome, and spiritually sound ways to spend time deepening their relationships. Youth camps, camp meetings and retreats remain some of the most effective venues to meet those needs and foster lifelong commitments to God and the Church. YCL Ministries is committed to providing a facility where those activities are possible.

As with most nonprofit organizations, YCL Ministries could not continue without the work of volunteers. Routine maintenance, mowing, housekeeping, bookkeeping, arranging reservations, and so forth are all done by volunteers. We are thankful for those who volunteer. If you would like information about volunteering, click here: VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES

If you view the YCL FACILITIES LAYOUT, you will notice that there are a number of privately-owned buildings. Those include cottages of various sizes, mobile homes, and recreational vehicles. The land occupied by them is leased from YCL on an annual basis. Proceeds from those leases pay for almost 42% of the operating expenses required to maintain the campground. The remaining cost of operations is obtained through donations from churches and individuals, income from YCL sponsored youth camps, and income generated from funds paid by churches, families and organizations for the facilities they use for camps, retreats get-aways and reunions.

The land and facilities that comprise the YCL Ministries campground are owned by Indiana North Association of the Church of God, INC Anderson, IN. YCL Ministries and its parent association are nonprofit organizations that serve local Church of God congregations and other Christian organizations. Many churches in the Association have sacrificially supported YCL financially, and continue to do so, while opening the doors to other organizations and individuals who support the mission and vision of YCL.