If you’ve ever attended camp at Yellow Creek Lake, chances are that you have been in our youth room. This iconic spot on the grounds has seen its share of themes (and color schemes!) throughout the years.

As with all buildings, over time the youth room has started to need some extra love to ensure that future campers can continue to enjoy this space.

The plan?

Engineered flooring to help dampen sound levels and echos is needed. A dehumidification system is badly needed to ensure that mold and mildew are not friends of the youth room. In addition we would like to see new games and systems in place to keep campers having fun even on the rainiest of days.


Donate to our youth room

We need your help. Please donate to help us fulfill our youth room goals. Whatever you donate will be appreciated and used to help improve this facility for future campers.

We thank you in advance for your awesome generosity!